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About Kathy and the Bliss Wishes Shop


Welcome to my little corner of the creative world! My name is Kathy Sprinkle and I  am an acrylic painter obsessed with color, form , and FUN! In one moment I may be working on an expansive abstract and in the next a detailed landscape. In addition to paintings I enjoy designing for fabrics and have recently started making a full line of textiles with my designs. 

My artwork is an extension of the work I have done over on my Bliss Habits blog and it is my hope that in some small way, my creations inspire a bit of Everyday Bliss.

Note: If you are interested in buying my artwork please also check out my Patreon page. At different Patron levels you can receive Free Shipping, Storewide Discounts and other fun surprises. No long term commitment required (stay a patron only as long as you'd like to support my work!)